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Choosing a Case Management Software

An organisation’s data is one of its most valuable assets. eXpd8 offers two best-in-class practice management systems, giving you total control over how your data
is stored and managed. 


eXpd8 Software is a well-established and popular server-based brand within Ireland and worldwide, with over 500 happy customers including SMEs, corporate departments and government bodies.

eXpd8 Software is known for its reliability and its user-friendliness. It is a solution that is intuitive and enjoyable to use for executives, project managers and support staff alike.


In 2015, we decided to develop a new case management software in the cloud – currently available for the legal market. Thread Legal is designed to transform the way that lawyers work, providing enhanced collaboration, flexibility and workload management. We decided to build with Microsoft technology, and are the first case management software globally that is built within Office 365. Thread Legal is growing rapidly and currently has users across three continents.

Thread Property, for auctioneers, will be launching in late 2019 – if you are interested please fill in our contact form.

which case management software type is best for me?



With key benefits such as greater flexibility, cloud computing is growing worldwide. However, there are still circumstances where on-premises case management can be a better fit for an organisation. 

Use our comparison below to determine which option is right for you.

ON-PREMISES / server

Brief Definition:

  • Data is stored on a physical server, which is kept at a location determined by the client.
  • Data is available to computers on the server network. Remote access to this server network may be available.

Access / Availability 

  • Limited to the server’s location, but as long as the server is live then the product will be live.
  • It is not reliant on internet connection.

Data Location 

  • Data is stored wherever the server is located.
  • The company has full control over their data with no third party involvement. ​
  • Servers can be vulnerable to location-based disasters such as fires or flooding. ​


  • Fewer updates, generally no more than once a year and usually chargeable.
  • Servers can be vulnerable to location-based disasters such as fires or flooding. ​


  • Investment into server and associated hardware required.
  • Servers can be vulnerable to location-based disasters such as fires or flooding. ​


Brief Definition:

  • Data is stored within the datacentres of a third party cloud hosting site.
  • Data is available to all devices with an internet connection, regardless of location.

Access / Availability 

  • Give users the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection – home, work, on the road.
  • Users can also be accessed on any device including tablets or smartphones

Data Location 

  • Data is stored within the data centres of the cloud hosting company, often across multiple locations.
  • In case office is destroyed, cloud users can log in from another location and business continues as usual. ​
  • Cloud users have to trust their data to the third party hosting services.


  • Software is updated more regularly and updates are automatically deployed.
  • Patches for issues can be deployed very quickly.


  • As long as the office internet connection is adequate, no hardware investment is required.
  • Payment model will be Software-as-a-Service

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