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Flexibility and performance for forward-thinking professionals.

Thread Legal is designed for:

  • Legal professionals
  • In-house legal departments
  • Government bodies

Coming in 2019:

  • Thread Property for auctioneers
  • Real estate and property management.
Cloud software


Cloud Software Thread Legal

Thread Legal is designed for forward-thinking lawyers and business professionals. It helps lawyers leverage the latest technological developments in order to become more efficient, collaborative and ultimately profitable.  

Thread Legal is built within Office 365, with the programmes you use every day such as Word, Excel and Outlook natively linked within the system. It also leverages the capabilities of SharePoint, Planner, Power BI and more. 

Core Features

Cloud Software Dashboard


Our fully customisable dashboard allows you to quickly see new developments, phone messages, scanned documents, time spent within files and more.

Contact Management​

Contact Management

Track clients across multiple files and ensure that they are receiving high levels of service.

Access Control

Access Control

Determine which employees can see file information on a category and an individual file level.

Emails, Documents and Scans

Document, Email and Scan Management

Include all relevant information in your file - Word, Excel, Outlook, scanned PDF and more. Create documents from the Thread Legal system and automatically track time.



Create documents within seconds using templates. You can reference multiple contacts, auto-create documents based on file stage and more.

cloud workflow software

Workflow Management

You can automatically create and assign tasks. Also syncs with your Outlook calendar to remind you of key dates and deadlines.

cloud billing software

Time & Billing

Track time automatically whilst working in the file - including work on documents and emails. You can easily translate this working time into a bill, or bill a fixed fee.



Thread uses Power BI to create dynamic reports that deliver all of the information your firm needs to continuously improve.

cloud software integration

Accounts Integration

Thread Legal integrates with Klyant Accounts, QuickBooks, Xero and eXpd8 Accounts.

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